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Visit the Oakridge Park x Pac Rim Patio, Now Open for the Summer

For patio season this year, Oakridge Park has transformed the Fairmont Pacific Rim plaza into a unique outdoor pop-up patio. The plaza reflects the design for the 10-acre park at Oakridge Park, inspired in equal parts by the rice terraces of Southeast Asia and the coastal temperate rainforests of British Columbia. The grassy patio is … Continued

6 pm –

Join Us at the Oakridge Park Summit to Discover the Creative Space at the Woodlands

Building on over three decades of success as a centre for professional space and healthcare, Oakridge Park will be home to some of the best connected, well-designed and highly sought after new workspace in the city. Workspace designed for the future of work, created in response to the changing needs of workers, and in recognition … Continued

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